Distance Sales Agreement

1. Parties to the Agreement

1.1. The Party Providing the Service (“Seller”)

  • Name: Original Sadrazam Power
  • Registered Address: [Registered Address]
  • Phone: [Seller’s Phone Number]
  • Email: order@originalsadrazampower.com
  • Tax ID Number: [Tax ID Number]

1.2. The Party Benefiting from the Service (“Buyer”)

  • Name/Title: [Buyer’s Name or Title]
  • Address: [Buyer’s Address]
  • Email: [Buyer’s Email Address]
  • Phone: [Buyer’s Phone Number]
  • Tax Office and No.: [Buyer’s Tax Office and No.]

2. Subject and Scope of the Agreement

The subject of this contract is the sale and delivery of goods/services by the Seller to the Buyer through the “Original Sadrazam Power” website. This agreement is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation No. 29188. The Buyer acknowledges being informed about preliminary information regarding goods/services, sale price, payment method, delivery conditions, and the right of withdrawal. The preliminary information on the payment page and the invoice are integral parts of this agreement.

3. Delivery Costs and Fulfillment of Delivery

  • Shipping is free worldwide. Goods will be sent by the contracted courier company, and a tracking number will be provided to the Buyer. Orders received until 3:00 PM on weekdays will be shipped on the same day.
  • The Seller will deliver goods or services within 7 business days. If payment is not received, the Seller is released from the obligation. In cases of impossibility, the Seller will notify the Buyer within 3 days and refund all payments within 14 days.

4. Payment, Finalization of the Order, and Documentation

  • Payments are made through the preferred method. The order is finalized upon successful payment.
  • An invoice, including taxes, will be issued. The amount specified by the Seller is included in the Total Service Fee.

5. Buyer’s Declarations and Commitments

  • The Buyer confirms understanding of preliminary information, acknowledges the obligation to pay, and commits to providing accurate information for service performance.
  • In case of unauthorized credit card use, the Buyer must return goods or services. The Buyer accepts responsibility for complete and accurate information submission.

6. Seller’s Declarations and Commitments

  • The Seller is responsible for delivering goods/services in compliance with the order.
  • In cases of impossibility, the Seller will notify the Buyer within 3 days.

7. Right of Withdrawal and Cases Where the Right of Withdrawal Cannot Be Used

  • The Buyer may withdraw within 14 days without legal or penal liability.
  • Withdrawal is not applicable for personalized products or items unsuitable for return after delivery.

8. Default and Legal Consequences

  • Defaulting on credit card transactions may lead to legal action and liability for damages incurred by the Seller.

9. Notifications and Evidence Agreement

  • Written and electronic addresses are valid for notifications. Official records are binding evidence.

10. Jurisdiction

  • Disputes go to Consumer Problems Arbitration Committees for amounts within specified limits; for amounts exceeding, applications go to Consumer Courts.

11. Effectiveness

  • Accepted electronically by the Buyer on the order date.


Original Sadrazam Power


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